About Us

Welcome to onio, I’m really glad you’re here! Onio was created out of a desire to help people find special pieces for themselves or those they care about and do so in a way that aligns with the things they value.

My name is Hannah and I have a background in both retail and conservation. Onio is a way for me to bring these two things I love so much together. Oniomania means the uncontrollable urge to buy things and I am absolutely an oniomaniac. I have always loved to shop, but I often find it difficult to find unique pieces that fit my style but also align with the things I care about personally – this is where onio comes in. All the goods in my store are sustainably and ethically made and many support a specific cause. 

Now more than ever it is so important to shop in a mindful way and my hope is onio helps you do that and be excited about it!